You cannot live in 2021 and not notice how much we talk about personal development, psychology, accomplishment, wellbeing and among others, self worth.

In fact, many of you might even feel a bit suffocated of the level of preoccupation and conversation on these topics.

Some of you might be fully…

Leaders eat alone, too

A while ago, I found myself having my schedule filled to the brim with meetings.

This “meeting virus” caught me one step at a time: there were the mandatory recurring department and project meetings, the 1 on 1s with the team, and then every new request…

The post-pandemic big return to office – 5 things to consider for a successful transition

(This topic was suggested by Serena, a fellow Human Capital (HC) professional. …

In these busy and tense days, it seems like everyone in the workplace is walking around with a frown upon their face, and an attitude of “do you really, really need something from me?”.

It’s disarming and a bit disappointing but luckily — we still have some people who seem…

Leaders, check your privileges!

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Leadership is a fertile topic for inflated metaphors, for hero’s stories, for dramatic and compelling phrases and incredible experiences.

All of that is true and there’s a lot of nitty-gritty-not-so-pretty aspects of what a leader is, what he does and what he experiences.

Anul acesta, de 8 Martie, am vrut să ofer un cadou femeilor. Am făcut o invitație deschisă celor care au vrut să dăruiască un sfat, o perspectivă, un mesaj pe care ar fi vrut ele însele să îl primească într-un moment important în viața lor.

S-au strâns 10 mesaje, unul…

Leaders who Make or Break You

Once upon a time…

There was a little boy called Albert who really liked to paint.

He used to be the first out of his household to wake up and finish all his chores so that he could have more time to get to the river and catch…

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