Creating the Space for Change

I am a passionate Creator.

Let’s get that one thing clear from the beginning.

That means, for me, pursuing the life that I want is almost a compulsion, an instinct I cannot resist nor find any reason why I should.

My biggest driver is to have a happy and balanced life.

Sounds incredibly simple, right?

Way simpler than having the ambition to be a millionaire. Or to own a private island. Or to lose 50 kg of weight.

Except it’s not.

Living happy and healthy, I found, demands my entire attention and energy. It is a never-ending journey. The work is never done and it totally makes sense for things to be that way.

One time my happiness requires me to focus more on my job. Other times on my relationship. Other times it requires me to withdraw and spend as much time as I can on my own.

Most of the times, my happiness and my well-being require me to change. Change myself, change my life, change my circumstances.

I want to share with you this first step when you plan to make a positive change in your life:


What does that mean?

Throw the old stuff away.

Disengage from the interactions that no longer feel positive and aligned with your values.

Sign out of the situations that no longer serve your future self.

Give stuff up!

Mend relationships. End relationships (but please do so in a gentle, compassionate, honest and filled with integrity way).

Admit faults.

Admit virtues.

Do not be afraid to lose — things, opportunities, people, parts of yourself. Or be afraid — but let them go anyway.

Nothing is ever forever ours — neither pain, nor beauty, neither happiness nor suffering.

The only thing left to do is to continue the game.

Have fun Creating Positive Change :)



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