Not all problems are in your head

She’s not alone.

It seems like every day I open Facebook, or read the news online or on TV, death is omnipresent. Actually, I don’t think so many people have all at once contemplated the inevitable coming of death in the last few decades — a psychological phenomenon that is new and strange for the younger generations who have not gone through such global traumas in their lives, not like their parents or grandparents who have lived through World Wars or extreme poverty or communism.

What do I mean by “artificial lifestyles”?

I’m referring to people who spend most of their time living in their minds and their heads.

No, not all problems are in our heads.

Actually, the most difficult and real ones are those who manifest visibly and dramatically in the physical world: disease, pandemics, organ failure, war, trauma, violence, poverty, hunger, abuse, etc.



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