The one about thankless tasks

(Photo credit Kelly Sikkema @kellysikkema - photo available freely on Unsplash)

In the corporate world there’s the coined term of “Thankless Tasks” — the little things that no one particularly likes doing but at the same time they are the foundation for all the big fancy tasks out there — the Projects, the Initiatives, the Kick-Offs, the Sprints, the Innovation Days, etc.

I am sure all of you have your share of Thankless Tasks at the moment — for some it is a manageable share, for others it might be an overwhelming one.

The mainstream time management theories will tell you to get rid of them faster than you would wanna get rid of lice in your kids’ head s— but only the wisdom of practical life allows you to know that lice have a mind of their own.

So for all of you doing a bazillion thankless tasks that no one has the time, the patience, the generosity, the wisdom or the habit to notice, hear me out cus I got 5 messages for you:

  1. I see you
  2. I am one of you
  3. I know life gets hard when your conscience is bigger and stronger than any other resources you may have
  4. Thank you
  5. And most importantly, at the end of a long day where no one notices your efforts, totally acceptable and advisable to give yourself a big pat on the back :) You did it. Again.



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